Individual Nutrition Consultations

As your nutrition consultant, I will help guide you to a healthier and more nutritious lifestyle. My basic format for Nutrition Consulting is one brief call or meeting to discuss your goals and the process, one long session to review your health summary and recommendation and a minimum of two follow-up appointments.

There is not a specific time to complete the sessions as some clients prefer to meet weekly and others prefer more time between meetings to apply their learning then progress to monthly check-ins when they are on track.  We can schedule the time between meetings that works best for you and your needs. Two to three months will give you time to apply the initial information and to continue to build on the recommendations. Old habits take a while to change, and our bodies cannot handle too much change too quickly. We want this to be a lasting improvement!

Meetings are by phone, Skype or in person.  The initial brief phone discussion is complementary; the first full meeting is approximately 90 minutes. Subsequent meetings are up to an hour. Email & Phone Support between meetings is charged by 20-minute increments.

Once we agree to work together, I will ask you to provide your health history, goals, current eating habits and behavior, etc., by completing a health evaluation form and a 3-day meal and activity journal prior to our first nutrition meeting.

At our first meeting, we will go over the health evaluation form and journal so we can both further understand and discuss your situation, goals and issues.

After our first nutrition session, I will email you a full written Client Health Report and Menu Planning Guide, customized for you, to get you going on a healthier lifestyle!

Your Client Health Report includes:

  • Dietary, herbal supplement, lifestyle  and behavior recommendations
  • Identifying and outlining your health goals and diet issues
  • A written summary and assessment of your current diet indicating where you are today and next steps for improving your health.
  • Nutritional, herbal supplements and lifestyle recommendations to help you work towards a natural balance in your life.

Your Menu Planning Guide includes:

  • Sample menus to help you improve your health and reach your goals
  • Tips for creating nourishing meals for meeting your body’s nutrition requirements.

At our second nutrition session, we will highlight key points and cover any questions on the information provided between visits, discuss your progress, and move to the next set of recommendations in order to continue the momentum towards a healthier lifestyle.  A written follow-up via email, including a summary of our discussion, recommended reading material, nutritional handouts and/or healthy recipes will be sent following each subsequent visit. (up to an hour; by phone, Skype or in person)

Our third and subsequent Nutrition sessions will focus on your progress, any questions regarding your care or nutrition, continued progression and/or recommended changes to nutritional and lifestyle behaviors. Again, additional assessments may also be included in follow-up visits and you will receive a written summary of our discussion with relevant materials as noted above. (up to an hour; by phone, Skype or in person).

I’m also available via email to address questions in between visits.

Feel free to contact me for your free 10-minute assessment; during which we can discuss your goals in working with a Nutrition Consultant!