Grilling the Healthy Way

To be honest, there are healthier ways to cook than to grill…However, if you balance good grilling techniques, a variety of healthy vegetables to compliment the healthy meats already on the menu, the result is a wonderful evening outdoors with your family or friends enjoying perfectly flavored grilled whole food. If you are someone with a compromised immune system or struggling with a chronic or acute condition, especially diabetes, then I’d stay clear from grilling. For the rest of us…have a fantastic time grilling!Veg grilling

Suggestions for healthy grilling:

·       Marinating your food in something with an acidic base (lemon or vinegar base), rather than sugary sauces, which will increase the development of damaging sugar-based substances in the body.
·       Do not blacken your food. Get it golden brown, it will taste better anyway.
·       Leave a good layer of fat on red meats and leave the skin on poultry and fish. Cook fat or skin side down to start.
·       Grilling can include more than just meat! BBQs are often heavy meat meals, which are hard to digest and unbalanced. Throw some starchy, leafy and crunchy vegetables on the grill and even fruit for dessert. Grilled romaine, peaches, etc. you name it!
·       Increase the amount of vegetables and fruits on or off the grill on a variety of colors to load your body with antioxidants.
·       Grill to get some initial color and finish in the oven if possible, or away from the heat source, on the top shelf of the grill or on the colder side of the coals on the grill.
·       Use a grilling pan for veggies and avoid overcooking.
·       Use a water-soaked wood plank for grilling fish to increase moisture retention and decrease direct contact with the grill.

Have fun grilling with friends and family and be well!